Tuesday, October 7, 2008

kissing child

From Abu Huraira, who said: "
The Messenger of Allah (Sallahu Alaihee Wasallam) kissed Hasan bin A'lee and Al-Aqra' bin Haabis At-Tameemee was sitting with him. So Al-Aqra' said: "Indeed I have 10 children and I have not kissed any of them." So the Messenger of Allah looked at him and said: "Whoever does not have mercy, would not be given any mercy." Authentic Hadith, narrated by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim. Shaykh Abdur-Razaaq (may Allah protect him) went onto explain: This Hadith explains the fact that it is from Rahmah (Mercy) to kiss one's children. It is also a sign of affection and kindness towards them. Such kissing however must be: 1. In accordance with the Sunnah. 2. Upon the sound Fitrah (natural disposition) . Without going beyond the bounds from what is considered as being normal and natural. The statement: "Whoever does not have mercy, would not be given any mercy." Shows us that whoever does not have mercy towards young children, then he himself would be prevented from receiving any mercy. This is because the rewards and recompense of actions are based upon and will be the same as the type of action that is done. As comes in another Hadith: "Allah will not have mercy upon the one who does not have mercy upon the people." And Allah the Most High knows best. Authored by: Abdur-Raoof Muhammad, Abu Sumayyah From the lessons of Shaykh Abdur-Razaaq ibn 'Abd Al-Muhsin Al-'Abbaad (hafidha-hullah) of Adabul-Mufrad of Imaam Al-Bukaaree

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